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Welcome to the passers-by information page of Marina Katwijk

Feel free to sail to the last part of the Oude Rijn in Katwijk and experience the hospitable atmosphere and beautiful surroundings. Enjoy our excellent facilities.

Reservations not necessary (and possible).
It is not necessary to reserve a place in our marina. With our extensive port (with 130 berths for passers-by), it is rare that we have no place for you. We would like to welcome you personally. The moment you report to the port office, we will work with you to see which box or berth on the grass side is available for the desired period.

Katwijk marina consists of a port area with boxes, with a length of 5.00 to 14.00 meters and a side jetty over the entire length of the box. The port also has the parkside across (north side) of the Oude Rijn, with moorings for unlimited boat lengths. View the map of the port here.

Electricity points are available on the jetties, which can be activated with the Facilities Card and there is a water tap with a 50-meter water hose. On the Parkside, There are 18 power points available from the sanitary Ark to beyond the harbor office. There are 5 water taps along the entire length of the Parkside. There are sanitary facilities in the marina as well as on the Parkside. On our Facilities page, you can read more about all our facilities .

Tip:  We strongly  recommend  the use of gangway for the park side of the port, as the shore side is very sloping.

Katwijk marina uses the Facilities Card. You’ll need a marina payment card to open the the entrance gates, charging electricity and hot water in the showers. Read more about the Facilities Card here.

Not in the mood for cooking?
You are welcome for breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Marina restaurant De Zuid-Wester  Check for more information:https://dezuid-wester.nl/

Important information about renting a berth in our port and houserules : During the absence of our regular tenants

On the page important information you will also find information about the bridges near Katwijk, rules of conduct and links to useful information.

This page has been updated on: 1-1-2023