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Marina payment card

Marina payment card information

Once you purchase the marina payment card, it is your property. This payment card can be used at multiple marinas. At each Marina, you will have to activate the card by charging it with a certain amount. How much you want to charge it with depends on what you think you will use at the marina. This credit is port-bound. Any remaining credit can be used on a return visit.

Top up the payment card:
This can be done at the port office during office hours. For opening hours we refer to our website www.jachthavenkatwijk.nl  
On the outside of the harbor office (to the left of the front door) is a charging device, so that you can also top up the card outside office hours. This device can only take currency to top up the payment card.

What do you need the payment card for?

  • Opening the gate (free)
  • Garbage container (free)
  • Electricity on the scaffolding and on the grass side.
  • Showering at the marina (€ 0.25 per minute)
  • Access to and shower in the sanitary building on the grass side.

This page has been updated on: 1-1-2024