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Important information

Important information for passers-by

Katwijk marina has 2 AEDs.
In the marina you will find the AED to the left of the door of the harbor office.
At the green strip you will find the AED in the sanitary building De Ark.
A first aid kit hangs in the harbor office

GP needed:
Life threatening situation?
– Call 112
– Mon to Fri from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.: The GPs in Katwijk have the summer season (from May 25 to     September 4) a schedule has been drawn up. Summerschedule 2021
– In the evenings and at weekends: Call the GP ‘De Limes in Voorhout’ on 0252-240212

Our house rules:
Together we go for a pleasant stay, both for you as a passer-by and for our regular tenants. We therefore assume that you behave as we would expect from a good water sports enthusiast and take this for granted.

The HISWA- Recron HARBOR AND YARD REGULATIONS apply to our port. Below you will find the most important rules for you

• Do not feed gulls, geese, ducks and coots. This leads to terrible nuisance.
• Keep dogs on a leash, please clean up feces immediately. You get poop bags for free at the        harbor office.
• Do not cycle on the jetties and sidewalk along the harbor wall.
• Do not cause a nuisance.
• Use the waste containers. Do not put waste next to the containers, this because of the               seagulls.
• Do not use drinking water to clean your boat.
• Swimming and boating with dinghies with outboard motor is not allowed.
• BBQing is allowed on the Park side, but not in the harbor.
• Fishing is allowed on the grass strip, but not in the harbor.
• Wifi: Do not download large files via our free Wifi.

Bridges in Katwijk
If your boat is higher than 2.5 meters, an opening is required for the Sandtlaan Bridge and possibly also the Joop van der Reijden Bridge. Below you will find the passage dimensions of these bridges and opening hours. These bridges are centrally operated one after the other by the same bridge keeper.

Request opening in winter, call half an hour in advance tel: 0031 6-12452764

Important numbers

Joop van de Reijdenbrug3.5>12
Summer opening hours Sandtlaanbrug en Joop van der Reijdenbrug

The bridge turns every half hour.Closed 08:00-08:30due to traffic
Mo to FrSaturdaySundayPhonenumber
08:00 until 20:0009:00 until 18:0013:00 until 16:000031 6-12452764
from Ascension weekend -jun-july-end of aug


Emergency number112
Police0031900 8844
Fire brigade112
Amimal Ambulance00317 15174141
Veterinary practice003171 4012930
Doctors and Pharmacies
Doctor Service De Limes, Rijnsburgerweg 4b in Voorhout0031252 240212
The Katwijk pharmacy, Princestraat 3 Katwijk003171 4012755
Dentist Van Tol, Voorstraat 80 (harbor side)  Katwijk003171 4072865
Dentist Snijder, Groen van Prinstererweg 63 (green strip) Katwijk003171 4024324
LUMC (Leiden University Medical Center), Albinusdreef 2 in Leiden003171 5269111
Diaconessenhuis Leiden, Houtlaan 55, Leiden003171 5178178
Taxi de Jong003171-4012277
Taxi Brouwer003171-3611000


Rent a Carhttps://dutchcarrent.com/
Tel: (0031) 6 380 178 43
Dutch Car Rent is located in Katwijk. They have several passenger cars and commercial vehicles in their fleet. Dutch Car Rent will bring the car to the Katwijk Marina and will collect the car as a service.
This saves you a lot of time and hassle!


BPR( inland shipping regulations) : article 8.08 applies, for your safety, to us in the port, as well as in the canal and park side:
Article 8.08 Water sports without a ship

  1. A person who swims or who otherwise engages in water sports without using a ship must keep a sufficient distance from a moving ship or a floating floating object or from a floating implement in operation.

2. Swimming, water sports without the use of a ship and underwater sports are prohibited:

a. at a waiting area or in the immediate vicinity of a bridge, lock or weir;
b. in parts of the waterway intended for through shipping;
c. in ferry routes;
d.  in ports and near their entrances;
e. near mooring places;
f. in areas designated for speed boating or water skiing;
g. in the areas designated by the competent authority.

3.The competent authority may grant an exemption or dispensation from the second paragraph. Conditions may be attached to the exemption or exemptions.


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